Meet the People At BCD Services

Meet the amazing crew here at BCD Services who are striving to keep your HVAC system going.

Meet the Founder

Brandon Davis

Brandon Davis

Owner, Founder

Brandon is a dedicated family man and the founder of BCD Services, a thriving HVAC company. His passion for family, outdoor activities, and his expertise in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) make him a well-rounded individual.

As a loving father, Brandon cherishes moments with his two sons, Aro and Sawyer. He takes pride in watching Aro’s travel baseball games and engaging in basketball sessions with his oldest son, Sawyer. Family trips with his wife, Tonya, are a source of joy for Brandon, as he values creating lasting memories with his loved ones.

Beyond his family life, Brandon is an avid outdoorsman, finding solace in hunting and fishing. His appreciation for nature is reflected in his commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility within his HVAC business.

An accomplished musician, Brandon plays the electric guitar as part of the worship team at his local church. This musical outlet not only showcases his artistic side but also highlights his dedication to community and spiritual engagement.

Brandon’s professional journey in HVAC spans over 21 years. Prior to launching BCD Services, he served as a lead consultant for a prominent commercial HVAC company, where his skills and expertise flourished. Brandon’s extensive experience, coupled with his certifications, positions him as a reliable authority in the field. Clients can trust that there is no HVAC question Brandon cannot answer.

BCD Services, under Brandon’s leadership, stands out for its commitment to excellence, personalized service, and a genuine passion for ensuring optimal heating and air solutions. As Brandon continues to lead BCD Services, his dedication to family values, outdoor pursuits, and musical expression remains an integral aspect of his well-rounded life.

Meet the Team

Tonya Davis

Tonya Davis

Office Manager

Tonya Davis is the dedicated Office Manager at BCD Services, bringing with her a wealth of experience accumulated over 15 years in the office world. Her multifaceted role at BCD Services is complemented by her roles as a loving mother to two boys and a supportive wife to the owner, Brandon Davis.

Tonya’s commitment to BCD Services goes beyond her official duties; she revels in interacting with customers and contributing to the success of the business. Her confidence in the venture was evident from the beginning, as she and Brandon envisioned a thriving enterprise that not only succeeds but also positively impacts people’s lives. Brandon’s expertise in heating and air conditioning, coupled with Tonya’s organizational skills, has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in BCD Services’ success.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Tonya finds joy in her family life. Her son, Aro, is actively involved in travel baseball, and Tonya takes pride in spending time cheering him on during his games. Quality family time also includes watching movies with her step-son, Sawyer, and enjoying the company of their two dogs, Mollie Mae and Boe.

Outside of work and family, Tonya values her faith and actively participates in church activities. She also enjoys going on trips and indulging in some downtime by watching TV. Tonya’s life is a harmonious blend of professional dedication, family love, and personal fulfillment.



Technician & Sales Manager

Sawyer is a dedicated and ambitious individual, currently serving as a Technician and Sales Manager at BCD Services. His passion for learning and determination to match or surpass his father, Brandon Davis, the owner of BCD Services, sets him apart in his role. Having graduated from Palmetto High School in 2022 with plans to pursue a marketing degree in college, Sawyer made a pivotal decision to venture into entrepreneurship after graduation.

Since then, Sawyer has devoted all his time and energy to BCD Services, rapidly ascending the professional ladder and demonstrating his commitment to the company’s success. He envisions a future where BCD Services evolves into a major player in the industry, a goal he relentlessly pursues.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Sawyer finds solace and joy in the outdoors. An avid hunter with a passion for anything that challenges his skills, he shares this interest with his father, Brandon Davis. As a die-hard Clemson football fan, Sawyer also takes pleasure in cheering for his favorite team during games.

Sawyer values the importance of family and relaxation. His diverse interests, ranging from a love for Disney World to a deep appreciation for the outdoors, and his unwavering passion for Clemson football showcase the multifaceted personality of this aspiring entrepreneur. With a strong work ethic and a passion for both professional and personal pursuits, Sawyer is undoubtedly on the path to making a lasting impact at BCD Services and beyond.